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South Sea Pearl

Explore Our Prefect Range of Perfect South Sea Pearls

The Most Beautiful South Sea Pearl Earrings & Pendants

At Johnston Opals, we’re not just home to the best opal jewellery in Australia − we also offer an exquisite range of jewellery featuring stunning south sea pearls. Produced by a specific species of pearl oyster, south sea pearls are a rare and beautiful choice, making them highly sought after right across the world. Whether you’re searching for the perfect south sea pearl pendant or you’re interested in earrings made with south sea pearls, Johnston Opals has the finest south sea pearl jewellery in Australia.

The Most Beautiful South Sea Pearl Earrings & Pendants

We’re proud to offer jewellery featuring the most beautiful south sea pearls, with our range including earrings and pendants made with white, gold and black pearls. Our earrings are available in stud or hook form, while our pendant options include gold, silver and diamond. No matter what your tastes entail, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of jewellery that appeals to you.