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Solid Opal Rings

Authentic Solid Opal Rings

At Johnston Opals, we offer an extensive silver / gold and opal ring range, with options to suit every type of skin tone. Our opals for rings are typically cut into oval shapes, but this depends on the natural shape of the stone. Some opals are cut into freeform or teardrop shapes in order to maximise the size and carat weight of the stone. Regardless of the cut, you can rest assured a solid opal ring is a beautiful and authentic choice.

Black Opal Rings That Will Take Your Breath Away

Australian black opals are the most valuable and widely known type of opal, which is why we stock a wide range of solid black opal rings for customers to choose from. Typically characterised by dark body tones that range from dark grey to jet black, each black solid opal ring features a variety of dazzling rainbow and spectral colours. We have gold opals rings and also opals rings with white gold.

Purchase a Gorgeous Solid Opal Ring Online Today

The team at Johnston Opals have a reputation for producing the finest opal rings available in Melbourne, Australia. You can’t go past an authentic opal ring with white gold or silver that’s perfect for any type of occasion. With years of knowledge and specialisation in the opal industry, contact us today to find out more about our solid opal ring range.