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Opal Rings

Flawless Opal Rings, From Around the World

Find the Best Opal Rings to Suit Your Desire

If you’re searching for the best range of opal rings online in Australia, look no further than Johnston Opals. Our impressive range of opal rings includes a vast range of options to choose from to suit any budget and any preference. Whether you prefer the look of silver opal rings or you have your heart set on a solid opal ring, our range is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Within our range of opal rings, you’ll find:

  • Doublet and triplet opal rings − Our affordable doublet and triplet opal rings are available in numerous styles to suit your preferences, including 14ct yellow gold, 14ct white gold, and different opal cuts and settings.
  • Silver opal rings − Our sterling silver opal rings are perfect for showcasing the dazzling colours of opals and are available with solid, doublet and triplet opals.
  • Solid opal rings − Choose from an impressive range of rings featuring solid opals, including black opals and white opals.