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Gold Triplet Opal Pendants

Fall in Love with a Stunning Australian Triplet Opal Pendant in Gold

Johnston Opals stocks an extensive gold triplet opal pendant collection, ensuring you’ll discover the perfect piece within our range. These stunning pendants are made from quality triplet opals sourced from Australia and encased in a yellow gold setting. Each triplet opal consists of three layers: a black backing, a thin slice of opal, and a clear glass or quartz dome to provide protection and enhance the appearance of the opal. Whether you love the look of gold plated opal pendants or you prefer the addition of diamonds, we stock a wide range of options to suit any taste.

Choose from a Range of Shapes, Sizes & Styles

If you’re searching for the perfect Australian triplet opal pendant in gold, look no further than Johnston Opals. We offer various shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, allowing you to fall in love with the perfect option. Browse our range online today or visit our store located in Melbourne, Australia for the best authentic gold triplet opal pendants. If silver is more to your liking, we additionally offer the finest silver triplet opal pendants available.