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Boulder Opal Pendants

Find the Perfect Boulder Opal Pendant

Mined from large boulders found beneath the ground, boulder opals are the second most valuable opal type and a particularly stunning choice for opal pendants. At Johnston Opals, we’re proud to offer an impressive boulder opal pendant range to choose from, with options in sterling silver available in various shapes and sizes.

Beautiful & Authentic Boulder Opal Pendants

Our beautiful boulder opal pendants are made from authentic Queensland boulder opal, giving them a unique look. Whether you prefer a basic oval or swirl shaped pendant or something more specific like a heart shape, we have boulder opal pendants to suit any preference or occasion. We also stock a selection of beautiful gold solid opal pendants and black opal pendants.

Discover Our Complete Range of Boulder Opal Pendant Products Online

Johnston Opals offers an excellent range of Queensland boulder opal pendants for you to choose from. View our products online today, or call us on (03) 9650 7272 to learn more about what we have to offer.