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Black Opal Pendants

Explore Our Solid Black Opal Pendant Range

Johnston Opals stocks a wide range of solid black opal pendant products in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs and budget. When buying black opals, often the price is indicative of the size. This is certainly the case with this rare and gorgeous range of treasured pieces. If you want something immensely valuable and visually stunning, our black opal necklaces and pendants will leave you satisfied.

One of the Rarest Forms of Opal in the World

Black opals are the rarest form of opal in the entire world. They are distinguishable by a black or grey body colour and are favoured by not only Australians, but by people from all over the world. A small New South Wales town named Lightning Ridge, located just under the Queensland border, is home to these precious stones. There is often a general misconception that they will be entirely black in colour, but this is incorrect. They actually showcase an amazing and beautiful range of colours.

Only the Best and Most Authentic Black Opal Necklaces

We have steadily built our reputation over many decades of reliable service. We know how important it is for customers to be able to trust our services and know they are getting genuine products. Such is the rarity of black opal pendants in yellow gold and black opal pendants in white gold that you will see the market flooded with fakes. You’ll have no such worries with us, with all of our black opals sourced directly from opal mines in Lightning Ridge.

Visit our showroom in Melbourne or call today to learn more about our black opal gold pendant and silver pendant range. We also offer an excellent selection of boulder opal pendants and silver solid opal pendants.