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Gold Opal Brooches

Buy an Exquisite Gold Opal Brooch

Attaching a gold opal brooch can embellish any outfit and make you feel sophisticated in a way that few other decorative jewellery items can. At Johnston Opals, we’re proud to offer various yellow gold opal brooch products. We have no shortage of exquisite designs for you to choose from, including five tear drop and butterfly shaped varieties. We’re confident that our gold opal brooch jewellery will help you look more radiant no matter where you go.

Crafted from Thousands of Years of History

The gold opal brooch jewellery at Johnston Opals has been crafted to the highest standards, backed by thousands of years of history. Our opal brooches serve both practical and ornamental functions, enhancing the overall appearance of anyone who wears them.

If you want a gold opal brooch or a stunning opal bracelet, there’s no better choice than Johnston Opals. Contact us or visit our showroom to learn more about what we have to offer. Alternatively, you can place an order online at your earliest convenience.