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Amber Jewellery

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In addition to stocking some of the most striking opals, Johnston Opals is proud to offer a range of amazing amber jewellery pieces. Amber is a hard fossilised tree resin that naturally occurs, with the end result being a precious gemstone that showcases beautiful orange hues. If you’ve been searching for a special and unique piece of jewellery, you’re sure to fall in love with the range of amber earrings and amber pendants available from Johnston Opals.

Our stylish amber jewellery range includes quality amber gemstones encased in sterling silver and 9ct gold. Browse our range online to discover:

  • Sterling silver amber pendant
  • 9ct gold amber pendant
  • Yellow gold amber pendant with oval, drop or pear shaped amber
  • Amber earrings set in sterling silver
  • Sterling silver hanging amber earrings
  • And more